Chillax: You Could Do Worse With 30 Days In China Than This Video

Global travelers Maxwell Swann and Todd Van Duzer “won a 30-day all-expense-paid trip to China,” according to the Vimeo description. “Armed with a couple cameras, they explored almost all China has to offer two 25-year old college grads. Baby pandas, bungee jumping, monkeys, and so much more.”

It’s a decent video, and might, if nothing else, inspire you to hit the road. Or hit up the nearest expat house party and abduct the two horse-dancing females.

The two guys are actually in China right now, “reenacting” their adventure. They started a Blogspot blog whose most recent entry was from November 26: “Max and I will be reenacting our adventure over the next 15 days. Follow us to see our incredible China adventure sponsored by CheapOair!”

Can you take one guess as to why there maybe hasn’t been a more recent entry? Hint.

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