Government Thugs In Jilin Beat Up Villagers For Their Land

In Songyuan, Jilin province recently, government thugs were hired to bully villagers into accepting a lowball land requisition deal. According to the description on this video uploaded earlier today, the thugs told the villagers to acquiesce or get beat up.

Villagers called the cops, who didn’t show up. No one should have been surprised: they had already petitioned the provincial government, and petitioned in Beijing at the Ministry of Land and Resources, and at the municipal level, all to no avail. What was left to do?

Stand back and watch while workers began construction, protected by government-bought strongmen. Youku video for those in China after the jump. (H/T Alicia).

There’s not much fighting in the above, and the tag here is “fight,” so here’s a bonus clip of two chubby kids going at it, no info available:

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