Laowai Comics: Looks Can Be Explosively Deceiving

Laowai Comics is a biweekly webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Full archives here.

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[Monday's Comic]

    5 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Looks Can Be Explosively Deceiving”

    1. Mao's Eternal Corpse

      This situation is incorrect. The waitress would disregard what whitey says then proceed to ask the Asian non speaker a few more times.

      • cliché moi l'sac

        That’s what tends to happen, yeah… and then, they get ANGRY when Asian Laowai still shows no signs of comprehension.

    2. Fredrick

      I’ve seen that happen. Actually once a girl at work from the US, but with HK parents was with me and when I told them she can’t speak Chinese they literally backed away slowly, whispering to each other.


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