Oops! Woman Accidentally Has Sex With Boyfriend’s Twin, Becomes Pregnant

Try this story on for size and see if you believe it.

A woman lives with identical twin guys, Lin Weihao and Lin Weizhuang, one of whom is her boyfriend. In March 2010, after heavy drinking by everyone, she walks into the wrong man’s bedroom, i.e. not her boyfriend’s. She has sex with him, gets pregnant. The brothers have a falling out — for obvious reasons — and a break-up with the girl ensues. She gives birth. One year later, she dies of cancer, and entrusts the baby to the brothers.

But who is the father? A paternity test reveals nothing, since they are identical twins.

Story via Sohu, as translated by Sinopathic:

Two years passed. In May of 2012, Luo Suhong passed away from terminal lung cancer. According to her last wishes, she entrusted the care of her one year-old child to the Lin brothers. However, the two brothers would each not personally admit to being the father of the child.

Recently, the mother of the two Lin brothers discovered the Furong Judicial [Paternity] Appraisal Center at the No. 2 People’s Hospital in Hunan province; she wanted to have the two brothers take a paternity test to confirm whom is the biological father. A worker for the [Paternity] Appraisal Center took a hair sample from both Weihao and Weizhuang to test for a biological match with the child. The result shocked everybody: both brothers served as a biological match as the child’s father. The twins are identical and conceived from the same egg; as they have the same genes, a paternity test is incapable of determining which of the brothers is the actual biological father of the child.

It’d be funny if it weren’t so tragic for all parties involved.

Woman Mistakenly Conceives Baby with Twin Brother of Boyfriend, New Hilarious Pilot for Sitcom Written (Sinopathic)

    4 Responses to “Oops! Woman Accidentally Has Sex With Boyfriend’s Twin, Becomes Pregnant”

    1. Liuzhou Laowai

      I fail to find anything funny about this at all.

      In the unlikely event that it is true, the non-boyfriend twin could and should be charged with rape.

      The idea that paternity tests fail because the two potential fathers are identical twins is utter nonsense. Even identical twins have slightly different DNA. Bad science.

      The story is a sea of holes.

    2. terroir

      The way to tell if this story is an advertisement for some medical facility and its services is to see how many times the facility is mentioned, multiply by the number of times it is mentioned, divide that by the total number of other proper nouns mentioned in the story. Round to the nearest integer; test for gasping and incredulity..

      The test doesn’t test for DNA, it tests for paternity. That said, I don’t know why anyone would be surprised at the result.

      Thanks for reposting this Anthony; furthermore, thanks for stating your doubt upon this news story. All this sensational news, real (fish tank, exploding manhole) and otherwise, is turning China into the next Japan WTF for Westerners.

      • terroir

        I was just going by the article from the one bit of science they had stated.

        Maybe they use Chinese science? Oh wait: maybe Chinese have different DNA from foreigners. Yes. That must be it. Celestial Kingdom DNA and all that.


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