Watch: Swedish Man Saves Drowning Woman In Chengdu

The best part of this video is definitely when the Swedish man, a tourist visiting China for the first time, jumps into the water to save a drowning woman.

But if we had to pick a second best part, it would have to be the heavily accented voices of the locals saying, “And it’s a laowai!” The shock of what they just witnessed, we’re sure, could have made their heads explode.

The townsfolk have begun calling the man, identified only as 53-year-old “Harald,” according to Go Chengdoo, as “Foreign Lei Feng.” The woman he saved on December 6 near Jinjiang Bridge has yet to speak on the record, but an eyewitness from Shanghai was so moved that she presented him a bouquet and said he had “changed her life.”

Go Chengdoo also reports:

[Harald] told the reporter that he was in Chengdu on a 10-day business trip, and that although this was the first time he had rescued somebody from a river, it was not a big deal, in part because the river in Chengdu in wintertime isn’t as cold as Sweden’s rivers in the summer.

So, swimming in the cold river: no big deal. Saving someone’s life?

Well done, Harald… if that is your real life.

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    1. King Baeksu

      Why does the reporter have to say “Foreign friend”? She’s knows he’s a Swede. Just say, “Swede” or “Swedish man” and not “Non-Chinese friend,” OK? Affixing “friend” at the end does not negate the lazy chauvinism of the main term.


      • Sam

        Are you on a one man crusade to change the Chinese language to suit your view of the world? Chauvinistic in your language, but not in theirs, try to not be so closed-minded.

        • King Baeksu

          I’m not on a “crusade,” bud. I am merely noting how the national media mind control the populace through subliminal linguistic messaging.

          If you are not a member of the (Han) “tribe” then you will forever be an outsider here. A “them” and not an “us.”

          Is this what China means by reform and “opening”?

        • narsfweasels

          Everybody knows there are only three countries in the world, according to China: China, Not-China and Evil-Former-Aggressor-Japan-Whe-We-Are-Going-To-Really-Stick-It-To-One-Day.

    2. bert

      King Baeksu is right. The words they use are mind control but they have been doing it so long even the writers don’t realize it anymore.


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