Why No, Chinese Police Are Not Immune To Falling Victim Of Corruption [UPDATE]

Via YouTube description on Channel 4 News:

Jonathan Sparks filmed in Shandong, China where he was whisked away by officers who wanted to tell him a story about corruption. In an extraordinary tale, the police told Channel 4 how they’d been cheated out of millions by their chief.

This is my favorite part, from a policeman that’s interviewed:

In the past we tried to stop people from protesting. But now we’re in the same situation as them. We don’t know what to do.

UPDATE, 12/31, 2:50 pm: Global Times with this report:

Four Shandong police officers who launched a petition in Beijing denied that they had asked overseas journalists for help, adding they still intend to pursue their complaint against the former police chief of Tancheng county who they say cheated hundreds of their colleagues in a real estate deal.

The plight of Chen Zhuo, a retired head of the county’s Huangshan police station, was aired last week by the Virginia-based Public Broadcasting Service in the US in a report that was produced by the UK-based content provider Independent Television News (ITN).

…Chen and three other local police officers launched their petition three years ago.

Chen said he has traveled to Beijing 10 times to inquire about progress of his complaint, and each time he has been escorted back to his county by his former colleagues.

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