Your First Look At Beijing SantaCon 2012

The party’s still going strong on this frigid evening. You’ll find Santas scattered over Houhai and Gulou, making their way to Four Corners for some music, debauchery, food — somewhere. The route was Brussels/Pyro to Chill Bar on Andingmen to Mai Bar and then through Nanluoguxiang to Gulou and Houhai. If you have no idea what any of this means, you’ve living in the wrong city.

We’ll have a video for you later this week. In the meantime, pictures from this afternoon.

The first three are via The Good Doctor from Sanlitun Village:

The next two via reality TV star Eliza Orlins:

The next two via Frank Yu:

The next three via Iris Yee, Santas at Satan Bar, Drum and Bell, then Houhai:

UPDATE, 8:15 pm: Open call for picture submissions! Here are more from Eliza Orlins:

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