How Many Chengguan Does It Take To Beat Up One Shop Owner?

Earlier this month in Hainan province, this group beating. What happened?

“Chengguan beating people, I tell ya,” cries Ms. Gao, a shop owner. “A gang of chengguan came and beat us.”

Not knowing any other things about this… eh, we believe it.

Chengguan — i.e. urban management officers — eventually left the scene, around the time the civilians called the real cops. The man who was gang-beaten was sent to the hospital.

    7 Responses to “How Many Chengguan Does It Take To Beat Up One Shop Owner?”

    1. fdawei David

      In fact, they are mere thugs looking for any reason to vent their spleen and act out the fact they have absolute “authority” with complete immunity and are able to attack without any provocation. They remain unpunished irrespective of what damage they unleash, even if they cause death.
      The entire chengguan system should be abolished.

    2. mr. wiener

      Is there really no system of checks and balances where people in China can have incidents like these investigated and the guilty punished? The Govt will have only itself to blame if incidents like this happen and people start fighting back.

      • HalfYuan

        Well in theory there is, but it’s documented that if you complain about the system, the system complains about you. Insane asylums and black prisons here are full of those that asked to have incidents investigated. I mean you’d have to be crazy to complain about the CCP and the glorious motherland..

      • RhZ

        There really isn’t. Crazy, no?

        The leadership knows that when things fall apart their heads will be on sticks, probably literally, and quite possibly their whole family too.

        Therefore whatever needs to be done today to protect against that is ok, no matter how violent or evil.


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