Quincy Douby Punctuated His 75-Point Night With A Massive Dunk On Charles Gaines’s Head

Zhejiang Golden Bulls guard Quincy Douby went off on Wednesday night, scoring 75 points in a 154-129 home win.

His opponent, the Shanxi Brave Dragons, had a stellar performer as well: Charles Gaines, whose 60-point, 29-rebound night would have been the headline on any other day. As is, it was Douby’s record-setting 75 — four points better than the old mark for most points in a CBA game — that has all the sports fans talking.

We’d like to add one more point to the conversation. See the above, which happened in the third quarter. It’s the kind of dunk that SportsCenter would show twice, then again in its top 10 plays, and probably another half-dozen times for the hell of it.

Also, you can watch the entire game below, via NiuBBall:

Strictly highlights:

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