Shenzhen Man Goes On Slashing Spree, Kills 1, Injures 5

A 21-year-old unemployed man in Shenzhen went on a slashing spree yesterday around noon at Xinsha Road, near downtown. One middle-aged man bled to death, another woman got her nose sliced off, and four more were injured. The beginning of the embedded video shows the attack. Police say he was disgruntled about not being able to get a job, so he decided to take it out on society.

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    1. fdawei David

      Whether with guns in the USA or with knifes in China, one can see a disturbing pattern of antisocial or psychopathic behavior of many in society who feel hopeless, disgruntled and harbor deep-seated anger and resentment against their governments, family, former employers and workmates and lash out at anyone unfortunate to get in their way.
      It’s an immense problem that will worsen unless steps are taken by these governments to urgently address the needs of their respective citizens by redressing the neglect foisted upon these marginalized or mentally ill people.


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