These Lions Are Seriously Pissed Off At You. Yes, You, With The Snowball

Zoo lions unhappy 2

Visitors to Hangzhou Zoo have reportedly developed a nasty habit of throwing snowballs at animals, who are none too pleased. Perhaps least amused of all are the lions, who, seriously, are way too high on the food chain to have to deal with this shit.

Hangzhou zoo-goers snowballs at lions

According to @wblbs on Sina Weibo, the zoo-goers throw hard, and the animals are annoyed enough to actively attempt to dodge the projectiles.

“Hard” may be somewhat of an embellishment though. Look at that kid in the above picture, who has the throwing form of a penguin, with half the grace. He would survive five minutes in the jungle, and faced with a lion, would crap his pants in 1.2 seconds, tops. I would pay to see that.

Don’t hurl snowballs at animals, assholes.

(H/T @MissXQ)

    7 Responses to “These Lions Are Seriously Pissed Off At You. Yes, You, With The Snowball”

    1. fdawei David

      Where are the zoo keepers? Hiding in their heated rooms during the cold spell? Certainly there are cameras everywhere to monitor such idiotic and eventual dangerous and boorish behavior. These boys should be rounded up, kicked out and banished from the zoo forever.
      If the lions happened to maul one of those lily-livered snow ball throwers, the lion would be euthanized on the spot.
      When will the people here ever learn anything that resembles a civilized society?

    2. godzilla_p.i.

      this describes the motives in china perfectly.
      try to get on top so you can throw things at those below you.


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