This Nanjing Cat Is A Delight And A Diva

Okay, cat. Here’s the deal. This Shineway Sausage is mine. I bought it. I did. With money. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, judging by the way you sit on your hiney like a smug supplicant. You know what? Go ahead and stay there with your raised eyebrow, wiggling whiskers, paws rubbing together like a soft, fluffy, irresistibe wind-up toy. Nothing you do will to convince me to give you this food. Go ahead and try.

Nanjing cat

Jesus, have it all!

Nanjing Stray Cat Rubbing Its Paws Together Amuses Netizens (chinaSMACK)

    4 Responses to “This Nanjing Cat Is A Delight And A Diva”

    1. Jozzer

      That cat is probably doing that because it has something wrong with it. Renal failure or Feline Infectious Peritonitis, another organ failure or some other disease. Or it’s been kicked by someone and has internal damage.

      Either way it’s not a cute video.

    2. Jive madra

      That was my first thought too. The thing is scratching as mad as fuck. It’s not typical lolcatz shite, it’s a sick animal that’s scratching like it’s got crabs. Doesn’t really indicate that the thing is in a good state of affairs


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