What’s Up With These “The Beijinger” Covers?

The Beijinger is our fine city’s largest expat magazine, purveyors of flour, dogs, hair, and hutong skiers. Frankly, we can’t wait for what’s next… tissues? turtles? WE HOPE SO. Too excited about the possibilities, we’ve gone ahead and mocked up some cover suggestions. Let’s make this happen, tbj.

Click to enlarge.

TBJ 201212 cover

TBJ 201301 cover TBJ 201302 cover

All images by Lola B.

    9 Responses to “What’s Up With These “The Beijinger” Covers?”

    1. brackishwater

      Was this King Tubby’s idea? No-one except advertisers gives enough of a crap about The Beijinger for this to be funny. Added to which, I’m struggling to locate any jokes here.

    2. Typical BeijingCream Commenter

      Is this supposed to be funny? Because I honestly can’t find any fucking humor in this at all. In fact I haven’t laughed once since 1989. Hopefully the CCPC will come to their senses and apologize for those terrible crimes. Read my book, Staring Down Tanks: The Only Real Man In China, to learn more about what happened that day. Besides that, excuse me while I go wipe my ass with something else readable.


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