Jaywalking Asshole Causes Truck To Swerve Into A Pole

There ought to be an implicit understanding between pedestrians and drivers, oughtn’t there? Halfway respect the rules of the road, don’t stand in the middle or talk absentmindedly on your phone, and no one gets run over.

The jaywalker shown here, in Ningbo, Zhejiang province on Monday, doesn’t care for any of it. Watch as he leisurely traverses the busy road, indifferent to the cars slowing down to avoid him. A truck coming from the other direction swerves in order to avoid killing him, but does he express any gratitude? Nope — just continues on his way.

It’s gonna suck when karma eventually catches up.

    3 Responses to “Jaywalking Asshole Causes Truck To Swerve Into A Pole”

    1. laowai88

      Well, let’s be honest. Drivers in China behave in just as self-centered a fashion all the time.

      When was the last time you saw a driver making a right-turn on red stop for pedestrians crossing on the green, for example?

      When was the last time you saw drivers making left turns wait until traffic going in the other direction had all passed by?

      Intersections in China are a free-for-all, both because nobody has ever been taught to drive properly, society has become filled with self-centered individuals who think only about themselves, and because there are no traffic cops to direct traffic at busy intersections.

    2. Undisclosed

      Asshole drivers, they should stp when people are crossing the street like in every CIVIL country.

      • Paul

        Undisclosed -> you obviously don’t own a drivers license to know that cross walks at a controlled intersection such as the one above are governed by the intersection traffic lights. Pedestrians do not have the right of way to cross whenever they feel. They have to obey the traffic lights and cross when the lights are in their favor not while adjacent traffic has the right of way.


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