China’s Air Rage Claims Another Attendant, This Time In Guangzhou

Air attendant beaten

China’s air travel bubble is bringing out its fair share of violent characters, many with the burning desire to take out their frustration on airport personnel. January saw riots at Kunming’s new Changshui Airport, and a month later, CPPCC delegate Yan Linkun lost his cool.

So what’s new in airport violence? See: Guangzhou gate agent in the fetal position.

On February 20, two passengers impatiently waiting on a delayed flight from Melbourne beat and kicked a gate agent to the ground (via Adam Minter for Bloomberg). Not much else is known about the incident, save the image of an undeserved beating that flared up on Sina Weibo.

欣Hidden:Why is it mainly us who get injured?

巴伐利亚的:There’s no justice!

It’s one thing to destroy property, and another to harm an attendant who holds no responsibility for your flight woes. You wouldn’t beat up the mailman for delivering your expensive utility bill (a few expletives are fine, for the record). While we all wait for details on what brought on the beating, someone should grab angry travelers by the shoulders and shout, “Welcome to air travel, dudes! Expect things to not always go your way!”

There’s hope that the end of Spring Festival will bring reliable travel, and with that, cooler heads. Given that, such thugs will likely make annual appearances. Our thoughts and prayers go out to airport service people everywhere (yes, that includes the attendants who had to deal with Anthony Bordain and a guy who couldn’t contain himself).

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    5 Responses to “China’s Air Rage Claims Another Attendant, This Time In Guangzhou”

    1. RhZ

      And you can be sure no one came to this guy’s defense. Unless there was a foreigner around, then maybe.

    2. Mano

      I for one encourage this behavior. It makes it so the public will see what animals their compatriots are and hopefully will bring awareness and change.


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