Chinese teen poisons parents for nagging him about gaming, and now they’re dead

The gaming world in the virtual sphere is filled with life and death, but without real consequences for those who engage in cockamamie strategies. In the real world, a carelessly laid out and executed plan can mean actual death, whose consequence is 15 years in prison, or, as People’s Daily put it, “a lifetime of suffering with guilt and pain.”

Tech in Asia brings us the above story:

In 2008, Li [Tao] noticed a bottle of fast-acting poison in the family’s home. It was pesticide, of course, but Li reasoned that it was likely to make his parents sick enough to go to the hospital, and if his parents were in the hospital, he could play games for as long as he wanted without anyone to stop him. So he slipped the poison into their food one day and then slipped out to play games. By the time he returned home, he had gotten his wish: his parents were in the hospital. But unfortunately for Li, the poison was quite strong, and both his father and mother died.

Li, a middle school student at the time, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his stupidity. (I’m no legal expert, but that seems excessive, considering the circumstances?) There are no Internet bars in prison.

Chinese Teen Murders His Parents So He Can Play Web Games in Peace (Tech in Asia)

    4 Responses to “Chinese teen poisons parents for nagging him about gaming, and now they’re dead”

    1. SeaHorse

      P.S Meaning, after 15 years he’ll be 30 with absolutely no skills whatsoever aside from heavy prison lifting. That little shit.

    2. Jojo

      15 years excessive? Are you kidding me? Drag his ass out to the firing line and let him take a bullet to the back of his head seems more appropriate.

      You have to be trolling to say 15 years is excessive.. seriously?


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