Doh! Pedestrians Continue To Bump Heads On A Flyover Built Way Too Low

City planners in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, might want to spend a bit more time on the drawing boards next time they take up a construction project. Residents have recently complained to media about a flyover built so low — 1.3 meters to 1.5 meters off the ground, or 4-foot-3 to 4-foot-11 — that they have to duck to walk underneath.

“But incredibly town hall officials have refused to apologise,” according to Daily Mail.

A spokesman said: “The new bridge is an essential river crossing. If pedestrians don’t like it they can walk somewhere else.”

There is also an amazing cake shop next to the bridge, perhaps people would kindly consider visiting? the spokesman added.

Also, this quote is quite funny, from a “protester”: “If it was any lower it would be an underpass. I’ve seen lots of people nearly knock themselves out on it because they’re not used to it.”

The bridge has been operational since 2008, and cost 548 million yuan.

(H/T Alicia)

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