Good Morning, Beijing. You Look… Different

Beijing snow

The rain began yesterday afternoon, turning into ice by the late evening, continuing through the night as snow. And behold, the above picture via BJ Reviewer.

Josh Chin is also calling for photos at the hashtag #BeijingSnowWSJ / #BeijingSnowWSJ# (for you Weibo users), so do that if you want to see your picture on Wall Street Journal, maybe. This is our favorite so far, by Hudson Lockett:

Hudson Lockett picture Beijing Snow

A video follows from this Youku playlist.

Another video! This one by Eyal, running in the park:

UPDATE, 3/21, 11:28 am: WSJ has published its photo gallery. This one by @sanverde might have beaten out even Hudson Lockett’s above pic. What do you think?

Beijing in snow via @sanverde

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