Man Arrested For Sexually Enslaving A Minor In Guangdong

Sex slave

A man surnamed Chen, who was wanted for keeping a girl in a dog cage as a sex slave for a week, was arrested in Guiyang, Guangdong province, Southern Metropolis Daily reported Tuesday. Authorities identified the victim as a 17-year-old from Hunan province.

Chen, believed to be a 40-something from Shenyang, Liaoning province, met Ms. Han — initially identified as 20 years old — on the Internet last month. After meeting, he took her to his home in Longgang District and raped her, then kept her locked in a dog cage. She reportedly escaped on February 28.

The Nanfang reports via TVS:

Miss Han, 20, ran through Vanke No. 5 Garden in Bantian Subdistrict in her underwear with chains around her hands and feet screaming for help, according to eyewitness accounts.

There was also this:

Neighbours said Chen’s window had been left open for most of the past few days and they frequently heard a woman screaming, but they figured it was just a typical domestic dispute (which are totally fine, obviously).

We’ll leave the obvious unsaid for now, as we’re thankful that, for the moment, he’s at least under custody.

    2 Responses to “Man Arrested For Sexually Enslaving A Minor In Guangdong”

    1. Jay

      I rented an apartment in Tianjin in 2001, and the first night I was there, the neighbors next door had a fight. A BIG fight. At 11:00 at night.

      There was shrieking, dishes smashing, and smacking sounds of hard things hitting walls. I think everyone in our building could hear it. They were LOUD.

      About 4 minutes after it started, I called the police, and even though there was a local police station on the first floor of our apartment, they would not come up to the sixth floor.

      The shrieking, smashing, and smacking-walls-sounds continued for the next 22 minutes, and finally one of the police came up and knocked on the door, and the shrieking ended.

      Nobody wanted to get involved.

      I’m not surprised the screaming woman in the dog cage was ignored.


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