Mid-Week Links: Mao and tweed run, Laura Fanelli squeezed out of Veggie Table, and Harlem Shake on the Great Wall

Peter Carney Mao and Tweed run
Picture by Peter Carney to promote Beijing’s “first Mao and tweed run” on April 20. 

It may be warming up, but the cold inside your non-centrally-heated apartment will stay for another two weeks. Cozy up with links.

Laura Fanelli of Veggie Table reportedly ousted. “‘I did 99% of the work,’ Fanelli says, but when it came time to divide shares, her partner and his wife tried to halve her profit. The conversation began before Chinese New Year evolving into claims of work left unfinished by Fanelli. She held on for one and a half months continuing to work at The Veggie Table and trying to reach some resolution, but finally last week she felt enough was enough.” (the Beijinger)

Addicted to virtual reality? Probably. “And now we have some rather startling news from Xinhua.net: one young upstart in Jilin province, Li Meng, has spent the entirety of the last six years locked away in one of these nerd-infested dungeons, only hitting the pause button to grab a bite to eat, and (have mercy) shower.” (That’s Beijing)

Manholes in Changsha to be fitted with nets, after this happened. “As many as 500 safety nets will be installed in manholes in Changsha, Central China’s Hunan province. // The nylon nets, to be fixed right below the manhole covers, can hold up to 600 kilograms, according to the workers.” (China Daily)

This is a good thing. “Only one in 80 Beijing residents have the chance to win a car plate in this month’s lottery, marking the lowest rate since the scheme was launched in 2011, chinanews.com reported Monday.” (China Daily)

Don’t break your contract, I think is the moral. “There are some new rules to the game that you should take into consideration before breaking your contract via midnight run. As of February 1, 2013, the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA) now has an online database where companies can put the personal information (including nationality and passport number) of foreign employees who’ve breached their contracts.” (eChinacities)

Harlem Shake Great Wall China Beijing interlude:


Introducing. (US-China Report)

Sina Weibo’s real-name “policy.” (Tea Leaf Nation)

Beijing Auto tabs Nic Cage as spokesperson. (China Car Times)

“Beijing Is No Longer a Cyclist’s Paradise.” (Bloomberg)

A conversation about Africa. (ChinaFile)

Finally, finally…

“Chinese Model Misplaces Underwear, Hides Her Shame with Raw Fish,” via Rocket News 24:
Salmon girl

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      • Greg Donohue'

        It’ll also probably be about as effective as the current rules requiring foreign teachers to a) have related bachelor’s degree, b) possess two years of teaching experience and c) be native English speakers. Schools need teachers. Bureaucrats like bribes. I expect nothing to change in the near future.


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