The Craft Behind Li Hongbo’s Mysterious, Mind-Blowing Paper Art

Li Hongbo loves paper. He loves it so much that he’s taken it to the “artistic extreme,” as Crane TV puts it – which is apt, considering Li can “open” and “provoke” his paper art, turning/flipping/rotating it into different shapes or evocations. Check out this former book editor at work in the above video as he shapes paper gourds, guns, statues, and other miscellany.

There’s more via Street Anatomy:

His fascination with the flexible nature of paper began with the traditional Chinese “honeycomb” paper toys used for decorations. He took one apart and realized, “It’s really quite simple. Yet the flexibility in terms of shape and properties is amazing.

(Crane TV video edited by Stephy Chung)

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      this is great! check out the video of his Sydney exhibit on vimeo! (Pure White Paper, Dominik Mersch Gallery)


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