Very Funny Dubbing Of North Korean Propaganda Video Insists Americans Love Drinking Snow

Do you drink coffee made out of snow? Live in tents and feed on birds? Own a gun? Do heroin?

You must be an American.

“This is how they live in modern-day America,” says the English-language dubber in the above DPRK propaganda video, “huddled together: the poor, the cold, the lonely, and the homosexual.”

We thank Washington Post’s Max Fisher for flagging a version of the above video, which has traveled from the YouTube account of British filmmaker and travel author Alun Hill (who created it) to Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV, which broadcasts in China, before making its way back to YouTube… where Hill’s name has been removed from the credits and some people have been, as they say, ensnared in the satire’s net. (It happens.)

It only makes it funnier:

“Dramatic music.”

“…drinking coffee cups full of snow.”

“They are yummy.”

“They are together in adversity.”

A former Republican candidate from Oregon lines up to buy snow from trucks. He is only limited to one per day.

“The hot snow tastes nice.”

I wish I could afford to drink snow.

POSTSCRIPT: Right after posting, I came across a reminder that North Korea is a satire of itself, basically all the time. Via NY Times: “North Korea issued a direct personal attack on the South’s new president for the first time since her inauguration two weeks ago, saying on Wednesday that her “venomous swish of skirt” was to blame for rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.”

Venomous swish of skirt. Diplomat-speak means something very different to the DPRK.

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