Chinese Fighter Jet Crashes In Shandong, 2 Pilots Killed

A People’s Liberation Army Air Force jet, a double-seat Su-27 UBK fighter, according to Global Times, crashed in Rongcheng, Shandong province yesterday afternoon, killing both pilots.

GT reports that the pilots apparently had ejected, making it “unclear why they did not survive.”

Initial photos showing the crashed aircraft began appearing on microblogs on Sunday afternoon. China Central Television later reported the pilots’ deaths in a Weibo account.

Here are a couple of pictures via

Chinese fighter jet crashes in Shandong 2
Chinese fighter jet crashes in Shandong 1

    2 Responses to “Chinese Fighter Jet Crashes In Shandong, 2 Pilots Killed”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Shoulda used a Chinese made jet…

      But then again I have reservations on PLA pilot training programs: used to live in shanghai, not far from Hong Qiao airport when it was co-used by the PLA and would never hear military jet engines (yes, I do know the difference in sound) in inclement weather/poor visibility but voila! When the skies were clear there would be all day jet fighter training going on!

      Says something about their IFR skills vs. VFR


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