Fernando Alonso Wins F1 Chinese Grand Prix In Shanghai (Watch Entire Race Here)

Alonso wins Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai

Fernando Alonso of Spain steered his Ferrari to victory at Formula One’s Chinese Grand Prix on Sunday at Shanghai International Circuit. F1 fans should know Mark Webber didn’t do as well, as WorldCarFans.com reports.

Alonso, sounding more bored than anything afterward, said: “The celebrations tonight will be nothing special as I have an early flight for Bahrain,” where F1′s next race will be held.

The Guardian’s Paul Weaver thusly described the Shanghai race:

This was a race dominated by the different demands of soft and medium tyre strategies but for the spectators the best strategy of all would have been to remain at home. Perhaps the one consolation was that boredom has seldom been as frenetic as this. There was a certain energy in the ennui. But while a lot of people were moving quickly, like wind-up toys, very little was actually happening.

If you want to veg out for a couple of hours, here’s the entire race, in two parts, via Youku:

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