Nothing To See Here, Just A Chinese Toddler Smoking A Cigarette In Shanghai

Chinese cigarette smoking baby in Shanghai

Boy they do start young, don’t they?

Hart Hagerty, who runs the blog Shanghai Style Life, was celebrating Easter in Shanghai’s Fuxing Park yesterday when she saw this. More pictures are posted over at her website, where she writes:

My jaw dropped when his pajama-clad mother handed the tot a cigarette… then lit it for him … then smiled on as he smoked it… then laughed as he rolled on the ground when he felt sick. As I snapped photos, my friends begged the parents to intervene, but they just enjoyed the show.

We don’t want to bog down the photo — which really stands alone, doesn’t it? — with facts, but there are 350 million smokers in China — that’s more than a quarter of the population — with 1.2 million deaths per year due to tobacco-related diseases.

Kid: quit while you can.

Chinese cigarette smoking baby in Shanghai 2

Smoking Chinese Baby (Shanghai Style File)

    6 Responses to “Nothing To See Here, Just A Chinese Toddler Smoking A Cigarette In Shanghai”

    1. wafflestomp

      My father let me take a puff when I was young. It made me so sick I’ve never smoked one since. Then again my father knew how to parent, I doubt this person was doing the same thing.

    2. Michael Robson

      Fathers smoke with their sons all the time in China. Pop your head into any restaurant and you see it everywhere. This is not news. The ‘news’ is when someone stands up in the Chinese media and says, “BTW, Mr. Zhang, are you aware that you’re actually killing your son?”

      He’s spit out his 王老吉, and tell you to get out of his face and mind your own business.
      Get rid of the smoking, and you get rid of the spitting. Let’s go guys, Gotta live up to those 北京精神 promo videos we’ve been pumping out..


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