All Sorts Of Awful: Black Bear Mauls Monkey After Bikes Collide At Shanghai Wild Animal Park [UPDATE]

What happens when a bear races a monkey on a bicycle?

First of all, stop. Why is a bear racing a monkey…

Oh fuck it. Take over, Huffington Post:

During the performance, two monkeys take the lead as onlookers laugh and cheer. The bear is hot on their heels, however, and a second-lap crash quickly turns grisly.

After the bear collides with the fallen monkey and flies over its handlebars, it goes ballistic, mauling the monkey as animal park workers try in vain to separate the two. Another worker pushes the second monkey away from the pileup.

What do you have to add, Shanghaiist?

The bicycle race is part of the Wild Animal Olympics, which has been going on for years now.

Daily Mail, pile it on:

Campaign group Animals Asia said it has previously documented cheetahs, lions, tigers, bears, chimpanzees and an elephant being forced to perform in the ‘Wild Animal Olympics’.

It is not clear when the latest video was taken but Shanghai Wild Animal Park said in 2006 that the Olympic event had been scrapped following complaints and ‘out of consideration for the safety of our visitors.’

Stunts in the show had included making bears box one another and ride bicycles, kangaroos boxing humans and monkeys lifting weights.

A monkey probably dies in the above video, if that’ll help you decide whether to watch it.

(H/T Alicia)

UDPATE, 5/15, 10:42 am: Monkey reported survived! Via The Telegraph:

A park official confirmed the incident, which happened Sunday, to AFP but defended the show, saying the monkey was not injured and both animals had resumed performing the same act.

    3 Responses to “All Sorts Of Awful: Black Bear Mauls Monkey After Bikes Collide At Shanghai Wild Animal Park [UPDATE]”

    1. brackishwater

      Even worse, did you see that other cheating monkey taking a shortcut? I mean, the sheer audacity! He thinks that just because there’s another monkey getting mauled on the other side of the track, he can just slip through and sail to victory? I won’t have it!

    2. hehehe

      I’m amazed why the crowd was shocked! Aren’t road accidents like this in China? Two parties collide then they start fighting…


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