Chengdu Police Bring Down Knife-Wielding Child Kidnapper

In Chengdu yesterday, a man with a knife reportedly kidnapped a child in Jinniu District. Cops quickly arrived on the scene — specifically, Weng Hailin and Lu Mingjian — setting up a dramatic confrontation, part of which you can watch above.

According to the Jinniu Public Security Bureau, Weng was stabbed in the left arm, severing artery. The knife-wielder was eventually subdued with the help of surrounding residents.

Weng is currently in the hospital recovering from his injury. The child was unharmed.

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    1. CT

      Typical fucking Chinese cop in the foreground, sit around and be totally useless day after day. Then when you’re actually needed by the other cops, you pretend nothing is going on and stay a safe distance away, waiting for the fight to come to you.


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