Baby Flushed Down Toilet, Survives After Getting Caught In Pipe [UPDATE]

This Shanghai Daily article is just slightly jaw-dropping:

Police are searching for a woman who flushed her newborn boy down the toilet in a dormitory building on Saturday afternoon in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, local media reported today.

The baby, however, got stuck in the L-shaped pipe and his cry alerted other tenants in the building. Firefighters arrived after receiving a call and spent two hours to saw off the pipe to free the baby.

To recap: a newborn was stuck in a toilet pipe for hours and survived. UPDATE, 5/29, 5:16 pm: Authorities have identified the mother as a 22-year-old who accidentally lost her child when she gave birth over the toilet. She will not be prosecuted.

Medical examination showed baby suffered only scratches in his head and limbs. He is now in stable condition.

The above video purportedly shows clips of the rescue effort. I hesitate to post this screenshot, but this is the filthy toilet that the child was stuck in (though not as filthy as this one, which, I warn you in advance, is what I described at the time as “officially the most nauseating picture of a squat toilet we’ve ever seen”):

Baby rescued from toilet 2

On the brighter side of humanity, the rescue effort is to be commended — though at least one of the below pictures might give you nightmares:

Baby rescued from toilet 3 Baby rescued from toilet 4 Baby rescued from toilet

Abandoned [n]ewborn saved from toilet pipe (Shanghai Daily, h/t Alicia)

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    1. Cool

      That baby will have the most awesome immune system ever, no allergies to speak of.

    2. wafflestomp

      For once a toilet not doing it’s job in China caused something good.

      Next time she should throw it in the trash can.