Large Crowd Shows Up To Smash Porsche After Its Drunk Driver Allegedly Beats Cabbie

There are two lessons to take away from this video, both learned the hard way by a Porsche driver in Shenzhen on Wednesday morning. First, being rich doesn’t make you above the law.

Second: cabbies have more friends than you.

The Nanfang reports:

Around 100 cab drivers smashed up a Porsche in a revenge attack on Shenzhen’s Shennan Boulevard early yesterday morning (May 8), China Daily reports. At around 3 a.m. riot police arrived at the scene at the Hongling junction of Shennan Boulevard where a drunken Porsche Cayenne driver had beaten up a cab driver, inciting further violence.

The above video has been viewed 3.3 million times on Youku in just over a day, with the description accusing the Porsche driver of also running a red light. Check out all those cab drivers. That, my friends, is what you’d call a strong fraternity.

The driver of the Porsche has been identified as “Mr. Chen.” He eventually passed out in the back of a police car, even as people tried to drag him out.

If this feels similiar to another incident recently, closer to home, it should. You’ve surely heard that a country’s widening rich-poor gap causes instability. What kind of instability? The kind that flares up when the poor, who outnumber the rich, feel those in power are unjustly protecting the entitled few. What recourse does the mob have except to organize and take justice into their own hands?

A perceived slight is enough to set them off. The situation gets a little more volatile each time the phrase “rule by law” is shown to be a farce.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves though. Chen, who was in a police car, may well be prosecuted, and everything will blow over. Is it likely, all things considered?

Perceptions can change. But people and systems have to first.

Cab drivers smash up Porsche after driver viciously beats cabbie in Shenzhen (The Nanfang)

    7 Responses to “Large Crowd Shows Up To Smash Porsche After Its Drunk Driver Allegedly Beats Cabbie”

      • Chinese Netizen

        Mr Deng is thinking…”Damn! I wish I could cruise around in a Cayenne picking up ho’s in my day!”

    1. RhZ

      To be fair, the instability was always there. The Party is a source of stability in some ways, but creates dangerous levels of social instability in other ways at the same time.

      And then when the instability erupts, the leftists just crack down extralegally, pointing at the chaos as the excuse. They are all about short term stability and ignore long term stability. Wash, rinse and repeat.

    2. fdawei

      All we see of this incident is a bunch of taxi drivers, rocking a car, which we supposedly is a Porsche, given the reporter’s comments. What we don’t see, however, is the police intervening and removing the alleged suspect from his car and transferring him to police custody or to an ambulance, since it was reported he passed out in the back seat of the police car.
      Sensationalism in reporting is inappropriate.
      We need more substantial facts.

    3. AC

      They didn’t manage to flip it and/or set it on fire. China is still behind in this regard, need more practice.

    4. Mitchell Tucker

      Porsche’s, they just keep on ticking huh. Don’t mean to imply the owner deserved what he got, but there are “bullies on wheels” just like him all around the globe. They are people with a champagne taste with a beer mentality. Hope the cabbie is doing well.


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