Manny Ramirez Slides Too Early, Sends Chinese Announcers Tittering

This had me laughing, too. It’s unclear whether this video will have any appeal to non-baseball fans out there — perhaps let us know in the comments — but if you know Manny, you’ll appreciate this.

Yahoo’s Big League Stew blog would like to remind us, however:

The slide aside, he’s not doing too poorly on the overseas leader board:

A .347 batting average, five home runs, eight doubles … hey, that’s Manny being pretty good for being on the verge of 41 years old.

Also: awesome home runs.

(H/T Deadspin)

    3 Responses to “Manny Ramirez Slides Too Early, Sends Chinese Announcers Tittering”

    1. Charles

      Meh. It looks like he just got stuck in the ground. What kind of dirt are they using over there? No sliding whatsoever. And although he could have been safe if he slide to the inside part of the bag (and was actually.. ya know.. running) it probably helped to confuse the SS enough that he had no chance at a DP.

    2. Hubeidave

      That is right, it is a sacrifice to prevent the double play. Non-americans can be forgiven for not understanding what the baserunner was doing.


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