Meme Thursday: My Honest Chinese Girlfriend, And How God Made Asians

57 My Honest Girlfriend LEAD

Showcasing the best in Asian-related memes. Sources: My Honest Chinese Girlfriend (via Reddit), r/funny (via Torval Lokison).

57 God makes Asian

    4 Responses to “Meme Thursday: My Honest Chinese Girlfriend, And How God Made Asians”

    1. bag-o-dicks

      Yeah, I’ve never been quite sure about that Family Guy joke. I mean I understand that it’s playing with boundaries. It’s like: look at us, we know where the boundaries are and we’re pushing them! We’re post-modern. I get that. And also there’s a bit of truth thrown into the mix so it’s like: we’re not too PC, man. We know that races ARE actually different and we’re cool with that. We’re the cool kids who aren’t afraid to talk about this stuff. But then what are you actually left with? So basically it’s ok to make fun of Asians for having small dicks? And Jewish women for their lippy vaginas and black guys for sweating a lot?

      I start to wonder whether this does or does not actually represent progress.


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