Meme Thursday: Richard Branson Dresses As An Air Asia Stewardess

55 richard-branson-loses-a-bet

Showcasing the best in Asian-related memes. Sources: We Know Memes, RedditWuluwu.

55 Asian girls 55 Wang Dongdong


    2 Responses to “Meme Thursday: Richard Branson Dresses As An Air Asia Stewardess”

    1. SeaHorse

      I want to say the second picture is why I always get the fucking weirdest proposals ever and why I don’t go to dating websites anymore. Creepy ass guys with some sort of power complex who thinks every asian girl must be a push over because one white girl dumped his ass when she found out he was a jerk.

    2. angered

      Ya know what? Fu** you. White douchebag gets rejected by his own kind because he is a loser. So the chinkies chase him. They are nothing but pushovers and the white man is too cowardly to face the strong beautiful white woman. ^_^ yeah? okay, so tell me why a majority of those anime characters are white females? still stumped? BECAUSE WE’RE BEAUTIFUL AND THE CHINK IS UGLY AS SH!T.


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