Beijing Woman’s Breast Implant Explodes After Four Hours Of Gaming

Erupting silicone

Lying on breast implants can cause rupturing, a woman in Beijing learned recently.

Xinhua reports that this unfortunate woman met silicone failure after lying on her chest playing a video game for four straight hours. Which game she played, we might never know.

Needless to say, the implant was of low quality. According to doctors, women should report discomfort immediately if they’ve gotten breast augmentation surgery.

Unsaid: don’t play games for four straight hours in one position. Bad for posture.


(H/T Kevin McGeary)

    4 Responses to “Beijing Woman’s Breast Implant Explodes After Four Hours Of Gaming”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Surely she took many “self shots” of her vain, obnoxious self during this whole process? I just yearn for the money shot of the bag exploding!

      • Dr Kildare

        That’s why she was lying on her front. To get a full-impact shot of her new boobies. WoW indeed.

    2. terroir

      “Unsaid: don’t play games for four straight hours in one position”

      Actually, it is said quite clearly in the article. It’s the first thing that is written, and then they add a whole paragraph warning people to not play video games for such a long time.

      This ain’t news. Perhaps if they gave details like her name, the hospital she went to, or the doctor that treated her. But no. Now this is going to go viral and there’s nothing to prove it.

      On the other hand, the article does inform us that the woman’s breasts are now a size called “G” cup. Use your imagination.

    3. Victoria

      Its very sad news, but I actually doubt that it proves that all people should not play games for four hours – there are many who play for longer ragularly and still have no problems. It’s just looks like making black PR for gaming because of bad medicine quality


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