Do You Masturbate? Watch As Chinese College Students Answer For The Camera

There are two kinds of masturbators: those who lie about doing it, and those who don’t. Check out which is which in the above video, brought to us by Ministry of Tofu.

A little spoiler alert: more women admit to it than men. Hmm.


A recent video interview of more than 50 college students on their masturbation and porn-viewing habits has become an online hit on Chinese social media sites.

The project is launched by a study group called ‘Research on Masturbation’ from Guangzhou-based Zhongshan University. The study group, headed by sexology professor Pei Yuxin at the university, aims at dissemination information and knowledge about healthy sex.

Stick with the video for at least 45 seconds for a few good chuckles.

If you’re skilled at masturbating, there may be a need for you in China. We’ve seen this more than once.

Masturbation video 1
Masturbation video 2
Masturbation video 3

Chinese college humor: Do you pleasure yourself? Survey on masturbation goes viral (Ministry of Tofu, h/t RFH)

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    1. Chinese Netizen

      Looking at the pool of Chinese guys in uni, I would resort to a dildo too if I was a Chinese gril…


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