Don’t Feed Baijiu To Babies, As One Nurse In Guangzhou Apparently Did

Here’s a disturbing story out of Guangzhou: on June 6, a female nurse fed a seven-day-old infant rice wine. She reportedly thought the baijiu was water, and mixed it with milk powder.

The baby had to undergo treatment in intensive care. The Nanfang reports: “Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed exactly which nurse was responsible, the baby’s father, Mr. Chen, demanded that heads roll. ‘I fear my daughter will suffer long-term brain damage,’ said Chen.”

Chen deserves to be apopletic, of course. How did baijiu get into a room with newborns? How congested must the nurse have been to not notice the stench of alcohol, particularly baijiu, and confuse it with water?

Needless to say, some are speculating that there may have been more than simple negligence at play. The Nanfang again:

One netizen claimed that the smell of rice wine is so strong that this was either done deliberately or done while drunk. Another suggested that the parents forgot to bribe the hospital when the baby was born.

When you do something so incredibly stupid as feed baijiu to an infant, we suppose it doesn’t matter whether you did it intentionally or not. The punishment should be the same, because idiocy to this degree deserves it.

    5 Responses to “Don’t Feed Baijiu To Babies, As One Nurse In Guangzhou Apparently Did”

    1. wafflestomp

      I love how these Chinese scum only demand justice when it involves them. Sort of like how everyone will gladly watch thieves but once their phone it stolen they go bat shit.

      They probabably abused/yelled at the nurses one too many times.

    2. XuXing

      Why do people translate 白酒 as rice wine? Rice brandy or spirits seems more apropriate given that wine usualy denotes booze that hasn’t been fortified or distilled. Rice wine seems more apropriate for 黄酒 really.


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