Listen To A Madman Rant On A Plane From Hong Kong To Newark

“My name is Daniel Morgan Perry, born March 12, 1978.”

On United Airlines Flight 116 from Hong Kong to Newark on Monday, Daniel Morgan Perry, born March 12, 1978, demanded the plane be diverted to Canada, according to passengers, claiming his life was in danger. Also, something about poison and the CIA.

“Your life is in jeopardy!” he shouted, according to CBS New York. “Your life is in jeopardy if you work for the NSA, you work for the CIA, you work for the National Reconnaissance Office, your life is in jeopardy!”

The man was departing from the city where Edward Snowden — who did actually work for the NSA — is believed to be currently staying.

New York Daily News has more information:

Jacques Roizen, 44, a restructuring consultant from New York who tackled the crazed passenger in the aisle, said the man screamed that his life was in danger and claimed he’d been poisoned.

“He asked the plane be diverted to Canada. He was clearly not stable,” Roizen told The Daily News. “He said he was being shot with darts during the flight. He said he was the one poisoned.”

You can listen to audio of the raving on the CBS New York website. Finally, we found something more annoying in an airplane than a crying baby.

The man is currently in custody.

(H/T Alicia)

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