Here’s Two Men In Thongs With Blow-Up Dolls At Peking University

Peking University streaker 1

The headline says it all. Check out this guy:

Peking University streaker 5

And what’s up with the guitar? You know what — not gonna go down this slippery slope that leads to a deep pit of unanswered questions.

The two were “quickly seized” by security guards, according to People’s Daily. More pics from them:

Peking University streaker 2
Peking University streaker 3
Peking University streaker 4

(H/T Reddit)

    2 Responses to “Here’s Two Men In Thongs With Blow-Up Dolls At Peking University”

    1. Matt

      The typical day in a life, of any normal student. Get waisted on cheap booze, strip down to your undies and take you weekend girlfriend on a date.


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