A Bakery Exploded In Beijing This Morning [UPDATE: 2 Killed]

Beijing bakery explosion 2

Knife attacks and explosions. Man. Rough week.

The latest, as told by Sina:

A explosion happens in a cake shop at about 07:30 July 24 in Chaoyang Dongcheng District, Beijing. The fire caused by the blast has been put out. About 8 people were injured. The police has ruled out the possibility of human factor behind the explosion, saying that it is a gas explosion accident.

UPDATE, 12:35 pm: Sina has rewritten their copy, changed Chaoyang to Dongcheng district. More info:

  • The store was Golden Phoenix Bakery store on Guangming Road.
  • Indeed 21 injured, not eight, some of them critical.
  • “The fire has been put out and two gas tanks containing 50 kg of liquefied gas have been removed from the scene, local fire department confirmed.”

UPDATE, 3:26 pm: Of the 21 injured, two have died from their injuries, according to Xinhua (h/t the Beijinger).

Beijing bakery explosion 1 Beijing bakery explosion 4

NetEase — which reports 21 injured as opposed to eight – has a lot more pics, with blood.

Beijing bakery explosion 5 Beijing bakery explosion 6 Beijing bakery explosion 3

(H/T Alicia, Eric Fish)

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