Mainland Tourist In Hong Kong Says She Returned 200 Million Yuan’s Worth Of Lost Diamonds

Fu Zhuli returns lost diamonds

This is decidedly not the sort of mainlander-in-Hong-Kong story we’re used to. As relayed by SCMP, a mainland tourist, Fu Zhuli, found a bag of diamonds she estimates was worth HK$250 million on June 23 at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair. As a good Christian, she went against the urging of some of her friends, who said to keep the bag.

After Fu sat at the table “guarding the bag” and thinking of what to do for two hours, one of the young foreigners came running back into the café.

Two hours!

Now, it’s here we point out that there are several reasons to not take this story at face value. Number one, it’s a single-source yarn that no one can verify, the single source being Fu Zhuli. Number two, it was reported solely in Chinese media, Shenzhen Daily. Number three: someone would actually leave 200 million yuan’s worth of uncut diamonds? No matter how mindless you are, I find that hard to believe. This is the stuff that has led to hackings, murders, and war.

“The shirt on his back was soaked with sweat, and his face was pale. He rushed in and saw the bag with me and leaned forward, uttered some incoherent words and kept bowing and saying ‘thank you’ in Putonghua,” she recounted. “I told him off for being so careless and leaving something so precious behind.”

No reward?

Did she think about taking the diamonds?

“I never thought of doing that, I just felt like [the men] would come back to get it so I just sat there and waited,” Fu told the Shenzhen Daily. “I am a very honest, simple person and I believe in sincerity.”

If we believe this one, it’s only because it’d be such a welcome change. You want to know the sort of mainlander-in-Hong-Kong story we are used to?

Please, let this one be true, so our faith in humanity can be somewhat restored.

Shenzhen visitor at Hong Kong jewellery fair finds and returns HK$250m bag of diamonds (SCMP)

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    1. bag-o-dicks

      I know some Israelis and they are constantly leaving bags of diamonds around the place. Cafes, park benches… I’ve probably got like two or three kilograms of diamonds stuck under my sofa from the last house party I had.


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