Newborn Thrown Out Of Second-Floor Apartment Window, Run Over By Car

A newborn in Harbin was thrown out a second-floor apartment window on Thursday and run over by an SUV. There’s, um, video of that happening, above.

Reports AFP:

The mother – an 18-year-old hair salon worker surnamed Zhang – gave birth on Tuesday in the bathroom of a second-floor apartment she shared with nearly 10 people, the official provincial Shenghuo Newspaper said.

In her weakened state she walked upstairs to a window between the second and third floors, and tossed out her daughter.

It was not clear whether the baby was killed hitting the ground, or by the impact of the car.

She was no longer breathing by the time a security guard noticed the bloodstained bag and called police.

The mother is being held for homicide.

Horror as mother tosses newborn from building into path of car (AFP via SCMP, h/t Shanghaiist)

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