Hong Kong’s Next Media Offers HK$1 Million Bounty To Track Down Its Vandals

Next Media Group in Hong Kong, owned by the rabblerousing Jimmy Lai, says one of its distribution centers came under attack on June 30 as part of an assault that saw 26,000 papers get burned. A day earlier, Next Media’s office was the target of a “drive-by knife-throwing,” in which an unidentified man hurled a cleaver at the front gate. These and other actions, the company says, are part of a coordinated attack against Lai due to his support of the Occupy Central movement and outspoken criticism against China’s Communist Party.

The company has offered a HK$1 million reward for the capture of those responsible.

The above video was made in part by the funny folks over at Next Media Animation, who have adopted an uncharacteristically somber tone for this report.

(H/T Jessica Wu)

    One Response to “Hong Kong’s Next Media Offers HK$1 Million Bounty To Track Down Its Vandals”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Makes one pause to think what sort of collusion goes on when triads do things in support of the CCP. I suppose the CCP is the biggest gangster, so it sort of makes sense.


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