Tsinghua Law Professor Yi Yanyou Just Wrote The Dumbest Fucking Thing

Tsinghua law professor rape thing

Li Tianyi, accused of participating in a gang rape, has a new lawyer — one that lashed out at media recently — and now has a new defense: the girl worked at a bar, so, you know… you know. You get my drift, don’t you? Oh, you don’t?

Let’s let Yi Yanyou, law professor and director of Tsinghua Evidence Act Center at Tsinghua University, explicate, via Offbeat China:

“To emphasize that the victim is a bargirl doesn’t mean it’s OK to rape a bargirl. It only means that a bargirl is more likely to agree to a sexual act. Besides, even if it is a rape, to rape a bargirl does less harm than to rape a good woman.”

When a bargirl cries rape, it’s more likely she’s lying because she works at a bar. Even if she was telling the truth about being raped, don’t worry about it, because she works at a bar. Working at a bar makes you a bad woman.

Yi is not done being blisteringly stupid.

“About the last point, I made the follow revision: It does more harm to rape a good woman than to rape a bargirl, a dancing girl, an escort or a prostitute.”

Tsinghua University, everyone. Law. Yi Yanyou is one of your supporters, Li Tianyi. Isn’t that comforting?

Tsinghua law professor: “It does less harm to rape a bargirl than to rape a good woman.” (Offbeat China)

    4 Responses to “Tsinghua Law Professor Yi Yanyou Just Wrote The Dumbest Fucking Thing”

    1. mike

      Ah yes, at times like this, it’s important to remember that some Chinese men have very strange ideas about ‘purity’ of their women. They actually see it as a virtue that women never have a boyfriend and never touch another man before marriage. As such a ‘bargirl’ (awesome superhero movie, coming summer 2015) is, to some, seemingly has no reason to live.

      re-read the tweets after substituting ‘bargirl’ with ‘woman who has a life’ if you must.

    2. Michael

      What if the bar girl’s father is Li Gang, is it still all right to rape her?

      I think we need a flowchart of who is better or worse to be raped. And a promiscuity inspection like they do in Egypt.


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