Friday Links: Interview with Beijing State of Mind co-creator, review of Apologies to My Censor, and an audacious case of sexual abuse

Watermelon boy 2
Another watermelon boy, via China Navis – or is it the same boy?

Links! Pete DeMola will be by with an Outro in a couple of hours.

Apologies to My Censor review. “For those unfamiliar, the fact that Moxley’s book focuses solely on his own personal ups and downs, and not those of the 1.3 billion people around him, should give some indication to the caliber of Moxley’s journalism. His is not the hard-hitting exposes, or the sprawling long-form panorama. Rather, Moxley made his name ‘chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole,’ and sending up the everyday absurdities of the China expat life itself, including writing about being a ‘Rent a White Guy,’ and trying to make it in Chollywood – the Chinese film industry.” (Nick Skidmore, the Beijinger)

Eeek. “Life imitated art, startlingly and crudely, in the city of Hai’an, north of Shanghai, when two men rushed the stage and groped the painter and performance artist Yan Yinhong as she danced ‘One Person’s Battlefield’ — her furious comment on sexual violence against women. // The assault continued through her entire performance as she dodged the men who kissed and groped her, grappled her to the floor and thrust their hands up her skirt, the audience making only halfhearted efforts to help as they stood by and recorded the incident with phones and cameras.” (NY Times)

Interview with Beijing State of Mind‘s Andrew Dougherty: “Who are your rap idols? // Jay-Z. He’s fun and has great style. Snoop Lion, Kanye West and Eminem are also great talents and have contributed much as artists in the rap industry.” (The World of Chinese)

And an eep. “From homicidal testicle squeezing to all out penis chomping it seems that male genitalia is not just not safe in China. On August 3 a man, surnamed Tang, was admitted to the Luzhi Suzhou City People’s Hospital emergency room with a missing testicle, Modern Express reports. // …On August 2, after another argument with his wife. Tang grabbed a razor and cut off one of his testicles (that’ll show her).” (Shanghaiist)

Ha. “Three men who ran a ‘barber shop’ in Foshan are demanding RMB300,000 in compensation from the state after it was ruled in June that happy-ending massages don’t amount to prostitution. They were jailed in 2011 when their establishment was found offering the service. Nanhai Court will reach a decision today, Dayang reports.” (The Nanfang)

Suspected this would happen. “Last week this blog noted that the state-sponsored Global Times had published an article entitled ‘Hackers, Bloggers and Professors Team Up to Tap into Blocked Microblog Content’… That article, which was originally available here - - has been deleted. The following video shows what happens when a user tried to access the article on August 2.” (Fei Chang Dao)

Poor guy“The man who infamously took out all his worldly frustrations on a Kunming airport kiosk has been sentenced to jail time. Yan Linkun (严林昆), formerly a county adviser in Qujing (曲靖), received a six-month prison sentence yesterday from magistrates in the Guandu District People’s Court of Kunming.” (Go Kunming)

Do not watch this film, do other things interlude, via Amnesty International:


“Explaining Chinese Tourists’ Assault on Wildlife.” (Tea Leaf Nation)

“The Ticking Bomb of China’s Urban Para-Police.” (WSJ)

“Former Alibaba Exec Sentenced to 7 Years for Corruption.” (Tech in Asia)

“Old Man Drowns Trying to Rescue Pet Dog That Fell in River.” (chinaSMACK)

“Child rape victim locked away as accused rapist walks.” (Out of My Face)

Revisiting the Beijing Olympics. (Austin Ramzy, Time)

“Back for more: Inter City Music Festival Returns to Qingdao.” (China Music Radar)

Finally, finally…

So hot, people would rather sit in an AC’ed subway station in Shanghai, via Shanghaiist:
Shanghai Metro AC

    5 Responses to “Friday Links: Interview with Beijing State of Mind co-creator, review of Apologies to My Censor, and an audacious case of sexual abuse”

    1. P.G. Martins

      Dude good work. This is a heads up but you may wanna look at it, big scandal involving the current Chairman of British Chamber and the accounting firm LehmanBrown, check IT out: Note that LehmanBrown, an American-British 50-50 JV in China has just been torn apart by internal litigation:

      Ed Lehman, an American national, has obtained damages of USD1.4million against his Co-Founder Russell Brown over ownership. That’s VERY relevant to fraud accusations because LehmanBrown are TWO firms: one a BVI offshore entity with no alligence or reporting back to any regulatory authority, operating in China as a WFOE and not as a licensed accounting firm with the Ministry of Finance, and the other as a Chinese owned firm (Browns wife actually) with a different name. They use the Chinese firm to claim US PCAOB status as a firm authorized to do China audit on US companies in China but sign off the BVI unlicensed company as the entity and receive foreign dollars from clients. That’s fraud.

      Someone like Beijing Cream may wanna check that out.
      A Beijing lawyer with US clients whose China audits have been done by LehmanBrown may find some fees and kudos for digging some American corporates out of trouble.

      Don’t have to publish man, just a heads up. This story is gonna break & good if ya get the media headwind.

      • RhZ

        Sigh, the ongoing saga of Ed Lehman. So he set up a corporate structure in order to avoid legal restrictions? Wow, shocking, just shocked. But it seems like Lehman has got control of Lehman Brown, based on the quote from them in that linked article.

        And the law firm, LLX, that claims to be a China law firm (3rd in China! So believable!) has a foreign partner and no, the law does not allow foreign lawyers to be partners in Chinese law firms. So, once again, fraudulent business structure.

        I wonder if he paid the 5.4 million judgment against him in the US?

        I wonder what happened to that metadata judgment that LLX lost in Hong Kong years ago, did they ever pay that? I can’t even find that in a goole search at this point.

        Yawn. Lehman’s as boring as CDE these days.

    2. Chinese Netizen

      A) Holy crap that toddler in the watermelon outfit is Fugly! Too much melamine formula when a baby??

      B) Seems Nick Skidmarks went into the review with some preconceived opinions. Can’t wait to see HIS sexpat tell all to top Mitch’s (soon to appear at a Bookworm near you – God, when will this trend fizz out?).


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