Friday Night Musical Outro: DMC’s Opening Throw-Down

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Beijing punk rockas get a new HQ this Saturday night with the opening of DMC, a new dive pub / live music venue out in Tongzhou run by members of two of Beijing’s longest running “street” punk acts: Demerit and Discord. In honor of this momentous and historic occasion, here’s a viddy of Discord’s most famous home-town hit, “Beijing Power.” Hat tip to LBM.

Truth be told, that song always made me a little scared.

So DMC is a dive — a real dive-y fucking dive — out in this shanty town in Tongzhou. It’s realness. It’s a courtyard patio with a tiny indoor sit-down pub. It’s done up in red and black and graffittied up with tags like “Cheap Sex,” “Kill Yuppies,” “Fuck Media” and a bunch of punk bands’ logos: The Addicts, D.R.I., Conflict, and, of course, Demerit, Motorhead, Demerit, Motorhead, Demerit, Motorhead.

This is great.

Beers are dirt cheap — 10 rmb. They have whiskey and rum and gin.

Moet & Chandon is also their official champagne brand, so it’s bottles of Moet Brut for 600 rmb on special.

No, just kidding. But they do have lots of varieties of tea. (Serious.)

Anyways, on Saturday night, if you can make it out there, expect a big party with all manner of Beijing punks tithing the latest underground rock venue in town. Bands are Bedstars and Discord definitely. And Demerit maybe. It’s no joke to get to. Myself and The Feola took a cab out there from Beixinqiao — 100 rmb and 50 mins. Damn. But worth it.

Gulou is overrun by a bunch of fucking hipsters these days anyways, EH!

Here’s a shot of Demerit singer Spike painting the D.M.C. on the club’s awning, a la CBGBs.

This is history, punk rocker.

Morgan is the editor of Smart Beijing and fake DJs around town. Suggestions for Friday Music Send Outs and feedback to

DMC's Opening Throw-Down

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