Mike Tyson, Newly Arrived To Sina Weibo, Is Already Picking On China’s Chengguan

Mike Tyson on Sina Weibo

Iron Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion of the boxing world, registered a verified Sina Weibo account on Monday, and four posts later, he’s already hitting all the right spots. Check out his most recent message:

Mike Tyson on urban management chengguan

As Offbeat China explains:

After greeting his online fans in China, Tyson asked: “Who is the best fighter in China?” In response, one genius Chinese netizen jianlin_ryan answered: “城管 (cheng guan), urban management.”

“Who is Chengguan? A tough man? I’ve never heard it.” Tyson replied.

Tyson might not know what chengguan are, but we hope he does. And we hope he realizes full well that chengguan are bullies who only pick on the weak and powerless. Chengguan, a tough man? Not at all. They’re weak and pathetic in the popular perception — weak and pathetic enough to kill fruit vendors and stomp on people’s heads, among other things.

Welcome to China’s side of the Internet, Mike. We really hope, in real life, you’ll cross paths someday with a chengguan.

Mike Tyson challenged China’s urban law enforcement officers (Offbeat China)

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