Laowai Comics: Double Standards

Laowai Comics

Laowai Comics is a biweekly webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Full archives here.

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(Monday’s comic)

    19 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Double Standards”

    1. asdfg

      Exhibit 3800 though 3868b: the fact that one could get his horrifically boring and infantile jokes published as a long running comic series on an otherwise perfectly entertaining and probably quite well read website

      • marme

        for some strange reason for the sentence wo kao the characters are 我靠 but for cao ni ma it is 肏你妈 but the real character should be 肏. I dont get it are they are really the same word or are people actually trying to say a different word

      • Tommy Longers

        You realize that 靠 is just a more acceptable form of that other word right? (the original character of which was actually 操 and then later replaced by the 肏 character, but not universally). Just wondering….

    2. Chinese Netizen

      I suppose I am guilty as well of being slightly annoyed when I hear my Han brethren cursing in English with “fuck” or “shit” in out of context or incorrect ways to try to sound “coo” to the folks around them and instead coming off as total wankers.

    3. Boob

      Cao and kao are different words. Kao is the PG version of fuck. It is normal and accepted for kids to use kao. Kao is not a curse word. It means “to lean against something”

      Idiot Beijing Comics guy proves to use yet another thing he is shit at, Chinese language.

      Cao is used in spoken language all the time and very casually but still considered vulgar. Ladies and foreigners shouldn’t use it, leave it to the taxi drivers and nongmin. The written character 肏 is considered way more offensive than the spoken word, some say it is hard to even look at.

        • Calm Down

          So… why would the Chinese girl get so mad at you for saying kao?
          Your comic strip makes no sense.

          Also, your comments here show how immature and ridiculous you are. Why respond to your critics in such a defensive and aggressive way? You want to act so much better than the people who post negative things, yet you swear and hiss and curse, then spam all of the comments with your own fake, positive comments. A person with a sense of humor wouldn’t need to come here and curse at trolls.

          If you had something witty to say, it would go a long way towards making people see you as the funny comic guy rather than the 6000 kuai a month, nongmin land English teacher of 4 year olds with split pants.

      • Tommy Longers

        I don’t agree that such words should be avoided. they should be celebrated! The crazy PC brigades of England campaigned for years (and still do) to have them removed from media, common use etc but THANKFULLY they have failed. These are real words with deep meanings that reflect complex emotions. They are versatile and interesting, and should not be forcibly removed from our vocabulary because some find them a little offensive.

        This isn’t a cultural thing either. I’ve heard the old arguments “in chinese culture….blah blah” — just as I’ve heard them about other countries. These don’t apply. A small group of powerful people telling you that it is unacceptable in your “culture” (as they did in Europe) does not make them so. The fact that it is so widespread proves that it is very much integrated into culture in some way.

        The only vulgar word out there is the word vulgar itself!

    4. bag-o-dicks

      This guy’s not great at drawing hands is he? At least three of these look like freak hands. And what’s the deal with that fat Chinaman’s nips??

    5. Seriously?

      I’ve been reading Laowai comics for quite some time- I read it because I can relate/think it’s funny. Seriously, to the repeated authors of verbal diarrhoea, why are you reading Laowai Comics if you hate it so much? Open Beijing Cream, skip over the comic strip and move on with you day. Or are you so lonely, jaded/troll-like humans that the only thing better than watching porn is being an arse to the rest of the world? Get a hobby, go back to watching porn or, hey here’s an idea, get a life?


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