Long-Haired Chinese Gal Issues Sidewalk Beatdown

What always unsettles me about these beatdowns is the moment the person with the upper hand sticks out a finger as if it’s the long appendage of Death and holds it above the face of the fallen. How humiliating. How unbefitting a street champion. As if the slaps didn’t already acutely communicate all that was necessary.

Body language, people: a lesson in, this is.

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    1. terroir

      As with all girl beatdown videos in China, this one is again from Guangdong/Guangxi, or wherever the harmonious peoples of Cantonese-land reside.

      For everyone who is wondering why she doesn’t fight back: this is all posturing. Alpha-female as it were. The victim is being humbled by her own people – that’s her best friend/family member/maid of honor that dishing the beatdown.

      • benji

        excellent and perceptive observation – how much were the girls paid to “perform” for BC ?
        if not, the level of lack of decorum is truly appalling for the land of Li Yi Ze Banj (the land of politeness and decorum), or as we all know, its aint the land of LYZB anymore.


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