Rodman Back From Pyongyang After Spending “Quality Time” With Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman with Kim Jong-un

Dennis Rodman has returned from Pyongyang. No Kenneth Bae (of course), but Reuters reports he “spent quality time” with Kim Jong-un, and has pictures (above) to prove it. That’s something. The hilariously mismatched friends apparently watched a basketball game, according to KCNA news agency.

The report added Kim warmly welcomed Rodman and had a “cordial talk”. Rodman reportedly expressed his thanks to the leader for spending time with him, saying Kim’s greeting is “an expression of good faith towards the Americans.”

Rodman has probably misinterpreted Kim’s greeting, but his heart is in the right place. In a better world, North Korea and the US would not be bitter enemies, and human-to-human interactions between citizens from completely different places and cultures can be meaningful and judged on their own merits.

In Beijing yesterday, Rodman addressed the media’s insistence on him acting as a diplomat to bring back American citizen Kenneth Bae, an evangelist who’s serving time in a North Korean work camp:

“That’s not my job to ask about Kenneth Bae. Ask Obama about that. Ask Hillary Clinton. I don’t give a shit.”

And about Kim, he added:

“He is my friend for life. I don’t care what you guys think about him. I don’t give a shit about what people around the world think about him.”

The Worm continues to build his case as the famous American in North Korea — maybe even more famous, if he keeps this up, than Joe Dresnok.

Rodman back from North Korea, without jailed American (Reuters)

    9 Responses to “Rodman Back From Pyongyang After Spending “Quality Time” With Kim Jong-Un”

      • benji

        Uncle Ho was actually a disciplined idealogue that actually got to where he is by ability – fat frat boy inherited the throne by default

        • Linghong

          Yeah, you are right. Kim Jong-Un is just a fat boy. The only innocent people he has killed are his ex-girlfriend and her colleagues. He hasn’t had the time to do lots of evil things like what Ho Chi Minh did. I don’t understand why people are mocking him and Denis Rodman.

      • Linghong

        After all, both MLK and Denis Rodman are human being.
        They are both somehow connected to a dictator.
        They both have fans who not only love them but also think they are impeccable and great.

        Maybe you were taught MLK was the greatest man on earth. However, that is just your opinion, as well as many others, but definitely not mine.

    1. benji

      All human beings. Its like saying my poodle, coyotes & hyenas are all part of the wolf family, so lets cuddle them all.
      MLK, despite his known philandering and follies,is eons above the muscle headed Rodman. But before I rendered judgement too harsh for the rainbow dyed Rodman, if he get the American released, then kudos to him.
      Uncle Ho & the fat fuck frat Kim are totally different . the former is a brilliant ideologue strategist who brought the mighty yanks to their worst military defeat. The later is nothing but …….

    2. wafflestomp

      I have an idea. Let’s jail Rodman for some bogus charges (The USA is good at that) then trade him back to North Korea for some prisoners.

      • benji

        Pray enlighten us by letting us know of the well known “bogus charges the US is known for”.
        By the by. The Rodman is well known for his Rod affinity to swordsman activities. His repeated trips (& likely tryst with the nubile members of the Pyongyong performing community – designated by the fat frat f$%^ to pleasure his faded NBA pal) is probably due to the less altruistic stated purposes.
        My reliable CIA (China Intelligence Service) sources tells me that the recently executed alleged ex gal pal of the great great great great great leader du jour was actually due to the fact that she had the temerity to confide afterwards that the rod man is actually a superior warrior under the sheets than his great great great great great self.

      • benji

        He dated her? Dennis Rodman and then-wife Carmen Electra get lovey-dovey in 1999.
        “Former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman pulled the surprise maneuver of his life when he flew to North Korea in February on a Vice-sponsored trip to talk ball with leader Kim Jong Un. (For the record, Rodman called Kim a “really awesome guy” and says he plans on returning in August to continue diplomatic talks).

        The sudden return to the spotlight was in sharp contrast to the news that circulated about Rodman just 11 months ago, when his lawyer and financial adviser claimed that the L.A. Lakers rebounder was too “broke” and “extremely sick” with alcoholism to keep his monthly child payment reports, of $4,500, to ex-wife Michelle Moyer’

        Hmmm. Who is paying for the Rod’s first class tickets to fly to Pyongyong since he can’t even fork out $4500 a month ?


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