Shanghai Cabbie Tries To Charge 2,300 Yuan For 4-Kilometer Ride

Shanghai cab overcharges

If you ever run a scam, please note that overcharging by roughly 8,000 percent will probably get you caught. That’s the sort of greed that’s plain reckless.

In Shanghai last month, as reported on Sunday, a cab driver charged a Japanese passenger 2,300 yuan for a 4-km ride in Pudong. But there’s a happy ending here, as Global Times reports:

The Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority also required the driver, surnamed Zhao, to return the money to the passenger, according to a report in the Shanghai Law Journal.

We’re not sure why the passenger agreed to fork over 2,300 yuan for a 20- to 30-kuai ride, which, seriously, is an 8,000-percent markup (GT suggested the driver may have intimidated the passenger). One also wonders: how does a meter even go up that high, that fast? Did it happen in real-time? Were the numbers changing at a cartoonish pace, until the T-I-L-T showed on the meter?

Earlier this month, we learned about a Chinese student who was charged $4,240 for a cab ride from O’Hare, a mark-up of a mere 1,800 percent, give or take. To the best of our knowledge, that student has not gotten his money back.

Cabbie charges rider 2,300 yuan (Global Times)

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    1. benji

      Zhou is the parent of the Chicagi kid who got ripped off, he was simply trying to recover from the the Little Japonese whats due to the great race.


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