Toddler’s Gruesome Finger Injury On China Eastern International Flight Causes Emergency Landing In Melbourne

China Eastern flight TV screen

An hour after takeoff of China Eastern flight MU738 last Wednesday, a two-year-old boy got his finger stuck under a TV screen. His mom, not noticing, then almost ripped the poor child’s finger off.

“The bone did not fracture but the skin was pulled apart and the bone could be seen,” said Jason Lu of China Eastern’s Australia office, as reported by Shanghai Daily.

The plane was 10 hours from its destination of Pudong International Airport, so the pilot turned back.

Probably since no one wanted to hear a bleeding toddler scream for 10 straight hours, “The 300-plus passengers were all calm and supportive of the decision,” said passenger Xu Yangdong.

Lu said the decision to turn the plane around had cost the airline some 3 million yuan (US$490,200).

The plane had to release some 60 tons of fuel before landing in Melbourne to avoid damage to the undercarriage as the fully fuelled aircraft would have been too heavy to land.

As wasteful as that seems, we actually have to commend China Eastern on its decision. We’ve seen flights turned around due to fights from belligerent drunks, which is stupid. A boy with a severe injury? Understandable. And we suppose, all things considered, China Eastern is due for a bit of good publicity.

China Eastern flight heads back to Melbourne after boy injures finger (Shanghai Daily, h/t Alicia)

    5 Responses to “Toddler’s Gruesome Finger Injury On China Eastern International Flight Causes Emergency Landing In Melbourne”

    1. wafflestomp

      Stupid fucking kid. Of course the mom probably put in ear plugs and nodded off. Luckily she hadn’t taken her sleeping pill yet.

      • Chinese Netizen

        She was bringing the kid to the glorious Motherland to be raised in a podunk Jiangxi village by grandma & grandpa after it got to a suitable travel age having been born in Oz purely for the reason of obtaining a foreign passport. It’ll be an Australian “citizen” with no inkling of the English language (not even with the Oz accent, mate) and with peasant-like habits, in addition to the God mandated ability to act like an utter POS for being born a boy.
        Like the commenter above said, mother probably reclined the seat (both for herself AND the kid) to its max position immediately after takeoff and prepared for a good nap while junior was jumping around, standing on the seat, yelling and screaming and exploring his surrounds. Cute little precocious bugger.
        Naturally, this is all how I imagined it went down.

        • wafflestomp

          Here here mate. I know lots of little shit kids who have foreign citizenships because their mothers went into hiding. Especially ones in Canada who actually RUN OUT on the bill. Makes me rage.


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